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Welcome to Flashwatches, the original and the best watch animations for your computer.

Have you ever wanted to have a watch as a screensaver, or to have it as an interactive desktop wallpaper. If so then you are at the right place. Flashwatches make the finest watches come to life right before your eyes.

All Flashwatches designs are copyrighted by Flashwatches.net

Watch companies

I am also available to animate your watches for your website, and can also make screensavers and interactive desktop wallpapers of your watches for your customers. I am also available for design work. Please contact me for more information.


The need for screensavers may be gone now with modern monitors, but they are still a handy tool for privacy when you are away from your computer, as well as security, but above all they are nice to look at. Flashwatches takes the time and date from your computers internal clock so it always shows the correct time.


Flashwatches are free simple and stylish interactive wallpapers that look great on any computer. Whether you need a stopwatch or you want to follow more than 1 time zone Flashwatches has something for you.


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I can also offer a full 3D model, find out more here




Flashwatches goes 3D !!!!!!!

Flashwatches FW22v3





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